“I am writing to you to express my gratitude and appreciation regarding the recent work that you have completed on my new resume. Through the suggestion of a friend, I contacted you and your agency to design a resume that would define more accurately my skills and abilities in the work force. I am astonished in the results that you have delivered in preparing an easy to read, comprehensive, and thorough presentation of who I am and my career potential.

You have a true gift and creative ability to formulate an outstanding resume, as well as prepare superlative cover letters. I am so pleased in the way that you were able to sort out and prioritize all of the information that I provided to you regarding me. Within a concise few pages, you have professionally defined my skills and work experiences in a thoughtful, relevant, and informative way. I would absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend you and your services to anyone who is seeking a fresh new design to their resume. I am looking forward in the future to using your services again. “

“After more than 190 job applications from my original resume getting me absolutely nowhere fast, the new resume that you had built for me has landed me a much-needed job just after a handful of attempts. I start next Wednesday or so, up at Collinsville Coal Mine…
I just wanted to drop you an e-mail, to say “Thank you so much for the time and effort in helping me!”
I will be definitely telling others about “YOU!” when the subject comes up about resumes and covering letters. Again, thank you so much. (Very Happy!)”

“The many years of expertise in this field, makes you one of the most accomplished in the business, if not the most.”​

“You don’t know how much you have helped me get somewhere in life thank you.”
​Gavin Waphshott, Australia

“…I would like others to know the amazing job and effort Gaynor O’Neil does with her resumes …I had one done for myself at the beginning of 2010 …not only the feedback but also the response I have received from employers has been absolutely amazing…I would highly recommend her to anyone and the work she does is of an exceptional standard …she will got out her way to make sure it is of the highest quality and standard …the Resume has changed mine and my family’s life so much so as now I walk into interview full of confidence thanks to Gaynor …thank you to such a wonderful professional woman for all she has done for myself and my family.” James Naish, Australia

“Thanks very much Gaynor you made all the difference I tried for months with a homemade resume and got nowhere. What a difference you made to me and my family.
Thanks so much”
Nathan, Australia

“We have deposited $100.00 bonus into your account. We just want to thank you for the time you have put into ******’s résumé. You have put in the extra effort to do the résumé and given me some tips on the cover letter. You know, we were both a bit sceptical about getting a résumé done professionally. We thought they would all be the same and that employers would be wary because of this. We truly don’t think this is the case anymore.
You are a true professional, you not only do what you do well, but you also include us (the customer/s) along the journey. You have shown us in the nicest possible way what we have been doing wrong all along. No wonder our résumé wasn’t getting a look, it just wasn’t credible.
So we wanted to say thank you for the work you are doing for us, we feel you are doing more than we signed up for. Hear from you in the morning.”

“I apologise for my late reply. Lately I have been busy with making contacts, especially overwhelmed with the outcome of the resume and the cover letter. I love it. And I have been told that they like the layout of the resume.
Thank you so much Gaynor. You did a really awesome job here. You are welcome to add anything I say here into your “Testimonials” part if you need to.”

“We are happy if you ever need quotes for your web site – I am not sure what you call them but those things that people say about businesses that are Fantastic! Thanks again”

“I can’t thank you enough for not only creating a fabulous resume, you have drawn out skills I wasn’t aware I had. As I mentioned earlier on the telephone, I had been choosing roles that were a ‘step down’. With your coaching, I have a much clearer vision of what to aim for and how to go about it. It has been a fantastic learning experience and I feel equipped and polished to go out there with my new resume!”

“The resume you created for me is fantastic … You do a very professional job at a very reasonable cost!”

“It looks so good I want to employ myself.”

“…thanks for your speedy delivery …you guys have been outstanding …true professionals
…fantastic …I love the new band down the side – perfect fitting considering the trade …you have not only hit a home run you have hit a grand slam!
…the resume is amazing …blew me away …much better than I expected.”

“…you have a gift in what you do and it has become so much more important in sending in a professional resume!”

“The best investment I have EVER made !”

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