Tom_OneilTom O’Neil B Soc Sci (Psych) MRCSA is a leading international career specialist and contributor in CV preparation and career achievement to various global career guides and software packages.
He has also had many of his articles printed in various magazines and newspapers and been interviewed on radio about to CV / résumé and career matters.
Tom has also been a committee member (northern region) of the governing body of the recruitment industry (RCSA) and now specialises in résumé creation and career support.
He has designed and copyrighted a tailored system to ensure that all your working and personal achievements are captured, therefore, ensuring that you are presented at your best when your résumé is sent to an employer!

Gaynor_OneilGaynor O’Neil MRCSA CRC
Gaynor is a pioneer within the modern world of recruitment and human resources. Gaynor has successfully built and sold several successful recruitment and HR consultancies and has written various books about career matters, with one being sponsored by a national bank.
Gaynor has been employed as a weekly columnist for a national newspaper, writing about vocational opportunities.
Admitted to the Institute of Personnel Consultants in 1981, Gaynor is a Certified Recruitment Consultant.